Workplace Wellness

This is our Social Emotional Professional Development Series.
BE Mindful
This is a Train the Trainer certificate program, where staff, supervisors or administrators learn the tenants to mindfulness based interventions.
Mindful Workplace Subscription 
The Mindful Workplace Subscription offers 30 minute weekly sessions for staff and/or those serviced by your organization. Our facilitator will guide participants through self care strategies, meditations, affirmations and much more. 

Youth Programs (Pre K - Grade 12)

The Harmony Project
The Harmony Project is a 10 week Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program for tier 1 and/or Tier 2 students, based in mindfulness based interventions and other self care strategies. 
Mindfulness Ambassadors Programs
This is an 8 hour peer leader program model where a small group of student leaders are trained in the 4 pillars of mindfulness, which includes meditation, breath work, affirmations and the power of thought.
Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Classes
This is the perfect addition to any after school program, Saturday Academy, summer program, athletic program, behavioral support program, etc for any child age 5-18. 

Senior Program

The Senior Healing Experience
This program is a mix of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, reiki, reflexology and massage therapy. Services are packaged to meet the needs of our clients.